Driver in court yesterday on charges of drink driving

Stephanie Adcock in court yesterday charged with drink driving after crashing her car on 14th June 2014, with her friend in the car.

Stephanie Adcock was in court yesterday along with her former friend Jessica Colven who was a passenger in car when it crashed. Both the women sustained life threatening injuries with Miss Colven sustaining ijuries to her hand which has cut the aspiring hairdressers career short after three years of studying.

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Both Adcock and Miss Colvan sustained injures to the backs and skulls which left them dependant on others for a long time after the incident. Police estimate that the car was traveling at around 70 – 85 mph as it veered across Scarisbrick New Road where it collided with a tree and then with large metal utility box. The car then ended up in a brick wall in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Adcock was found to be over the legal limit at 96 micrograms in 100 millilitres of blood. She claimed she had no relocation of the crash yet pleaded guilty to the incident. Miss Colvan was said she remembered Adcock jerking the steering wheel from side to side showing off as they drove along and her telling her to stop driving so dangerously.  Miss Colvan was quoted as saying, “I hate my appearance, have no confidence or self-esteem and hate what looks back at me when I look in the mirror. I cannot be in a car with anyone other than my partner and I cry all the time.”

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Cheryl Mottram, who was defining Adcock said, “She is a kind, loving girl leading a law abiding life until the evening of June 14. Why she behaved in the way she did she cannot offer any real explanation.” Later on in the proceeding Miss Mottram stated,”she will have to live with her guilt and loss of good character,”.

Adcock was sentences to a 12 month jail sentence with Judge Brian Lewis saying that in view of her guilty pleas, lack of previous convictions and hard working background he would suspend it for two years.

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