Jack Wills is back to work with this otsnews.co.uk x www.dress-lace.com stunning Collar Dress in red. This cute designed dress is ready to roll, great for any time wear. Is a sweet lace dress when decked out in final touches or in sneakers going on errands! This lined woven cotton key printed point collar regular fitted dress has all the snazziness you need. The lining is from the neckline to the hem, the key print is cute and original. There are side pockets for keys and change as well as a stretch waistband. In the front you have a Placket throughout the material offering you a light weighted dress for all occasions. This lace dress is so cute; you won’t be able to bypass it. Everyone should have a cute ready to go to dress. This Collar Dress in Navy is one hundred percent cotton, which means its machine washable; the best way to have any dresses is to be able to wash them! This one is cute, easy to put on and comfortably soft!