Southport Town Hall was the wedding venue that Louise Gladwin thought she was getting married to John Nelson at.

The special moment captured on camera by Dave & Katie Bridge of Tarleton Carriages, when the bride to be Louise with her father Paul was given a letter from her husband to be John, saying that The secret wedding plans known since April at Emmanuel Church were known by only three people, husband to be John Nelson, brides mother Julie Gladwin & Irene Cowel vicar of Emmanuel Church.

Paul hands the letter to his daughter Louise outside Southport Town Hall

Letter reads:

To my Scooby (Scooby is Johns pet name for Louise)     

I think it’s only fair to tell you now and be totally honest.  

You know you are the love of my life, and you are the air that I breathe, and every heart beat I have just makes my heart fill with more and more love for you, plus all that we have shared together has made me the person I am today and for that I am truly thankful.   However !!!   There is something I need to say, I have had a secret since April and have not been truly honest with you , and can not bring myself to marry the woman of my dreams in the local town hall.

You are my princess and you deserve a fairy tale wedding, so I am sorry to say I am not in the town hall waiting for you, I am waiting at the alter in a place you dreamed of getting married, and would be honoured if you would meet me there.   Love you with nearly all my heart because the kids have some, ha Love John xxx

Ps any chance of footie in the morning xx

The guests were all sent invites to the wedding believing it was to be at Southport Town Hall even the bride who wrote some of the invites out believed it too.

As time went on we did have to tell some people M&D travel, as they were driving the Limo, Bold Hotel Lord St as they were doing the catering & Dave & Katie Bridge Of Tarleton Carriages, and just hope that no one would slip up, but i must say everybody that did know managed to keep it a secret.

Eventually the guests were told on the Friday, the day before the wedding. Louise spent the night in the Bold Hotel with family & friends the evening before the wedding.

The wedding day arrived Saturday 21st September 2013, as Louise thought that she was getting married at 11.15 am at the Town hall, which gave everybody a chance to get to Emmanuel for 12 which was the time we had arranged at Emmanuel Church.

The bell ringers, the choir, The Vicar, and all the guests & family were arriving at Emmanuel Church at that point in time, Louise had no idea what was going on behind her back.

Louise finally left the Bold Hotel on Lord St, to go to The Town Hall for 11.15am we couldn’t let her arrive there & wonder where everyone was so the letter was wrote by John for Louise and well the rest is history.

I would just like to mention that to the onlookers outside the Town Hall they must have thought that she had been Jilted. Everyone had a fabulous day & evening well worth the secret just to see Louise’s wish come true.

By Steve Crane

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