Don’t bomb Iraq: Our campaign to stop the spread of war

The world is more violent and volatile than at any time in decades. War is spreading across the Middle East and the crisis in Ukraine – deadly in itself – has generated the most dangerous standoff between Russia and the West since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

What the media ignore is that the chaos in Iraq and the growing civil war in Ukraine are a direct outcome of the previous wars and aggressive policies pursued by the Western powers and NATO in the last decades.

The US and its allies are responding to the mayhem they themselves have created by escalating intervention. But bombing Iraq or spreading arms in the region will only add fuel to the flames.

Calls for ‘more decisive action’ in Iraq and Syria are growing in London and Washington and elsewhere. There is a real danger Britain could be at war in Iraq again within a matter of days.

The anti- war movement needs to step up its campaign. Please get active now to stop the spread of war.

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