This page was set up by a lady called Nikki who has never met rob or his family..

Gary spoke with OTS NEWS yesterday and said:

“Many people have been saying that we are money grabbers, I can assure you we are not.”

“All we want is a door that can let some light into Robs room, a ramp to give him access to the back garden and to be able to pay his funeral when he dies”.

The Page

The Bedroom Tax! Often a topic of debate! However, I will not get into politics or a debate about the UK government currently in power as this is for Rob Tomlinson of Southport, England.

I do not know Rob however his story that featured recently in the local Sunday Mirror really made me want to do something to help him and his family. Rob is 48 years old , has cerebral palsy and has the mind of a 4 year old. Rob and his family have also recently been evicted from their Bootle home of 24 years, which had been specially adapted by the local council in order for Rob to have the equipment and comfort that he needs to live his life.

Due to the bedroom tax, the family were forced to move from their home and are now living in a tiny bungalow with adapted bathroom. A previous property that they’d lived in meant that Rob was using a paddling pool in the living room to be bathed in as no other available properties had the adaptations required by Rob.

I am against the bedroom tax but I am even more against the fact that somebody’s severe disability means that they cannot live comfortably. Rob’s brother Gary and sister-in-law, Joan are Rob’s full-time carers and I cannot imagine how much stress this tax has caused them as well as Rob.

I am hoping that anybody who reads Rob’s story here will be able to make a donation (no matter how small) in order for the family to use the funds to make any required adaptations that Rob needs or even perhaps to pay for the three of them to take a much needed holiday after all this stress!


bedroomPhoto: Roberts bedroom southport--news-tomlinson -familyPhoto: Gary and Joan outside the back Rob’s bedroom door


Sefton Council release a statement regarding the matter 

We are aware of the story regarding the Tomlinson family which appeared in the press over the weekend. While we are unable to comment on individual cases due to confidentiality, we hope to better explain our position.

The changes to Housing Benefit relating to spare rooms, often called the bedroom tax, were introduced by the Government. Sefton Council, like other councils, is duty bound to comply with this national law.

Ahead of the changes, we notified claimants affected and made them aware of all options available to them including Discretionary Housing Payments and their right to appeal.

As a council we are committed to protecting and supporting the most vulnerable members of our community. We will now work with our partners in DWP and One Vision Housing to investigate the particulars of this case. Clearly we will take what steps we can to improve the circumstances of the Tomlinson family, providing this is possible within the Government’s benefits system.


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