Local residents have set up a fundraiser and any donation will help improve our Botanic Gardens park in Southport used by the public.

Due to lack of funding our park is almost flowerless.

I want to raise money to purchase a fountain and filter for the lake to improve the water quality for the wildlife.

What I’m looking to do


Firstly the lake is home to a lot of wildlife I want to improve the water quality so the wildlife can thrive

The lake is currently the home to 8 cignets and I’m looking to get the lake fountain fitted as soon as possible.

The last few years the cignets haven’t survived rather than take them away I want to improve there environment so they can live here happily and be enjoyed by the many visitors who use this free public park.

With the remainder of the fundraiser money I will use to purchase plants to plant in the empty flower beds to make out park bloom again.