Domestic abuse demands urgent action, Tory MP told

29th June 2020

Domestic abuse demands urgent action, Tory MP told

Sixteen women were murdered by their partners in the first few weeks of lockdown, and calls to the national domestic abuse hotline rose by 49%. Local LibDems want MP Damien Moore to show more concern for this crisis and ask his government to act.

“The number of women killed in such a short period is the highest in a decade” said Sefton Councillor Lynne Thompson. “I dread to think what the figures are now. We need urgent action from Damien and the government.” Other MPs have demanded “leadership” from ministers, as well as a comprehensive strategy to prevent violence and support victims.

But Mr Moore has been criticised for his “insensitivity” on this issue in the past. When the Southport MP supported the prorogation of Parliament last year, LibDems warned it would delay the Domestic Abuse Bill — which still has yet to become law. Mr Moore also voted against allowing abuse victims to pay less in Bedroom Tax if councils decided it was necessary.

Councillor Thompson continued: “Whether it’s loneliness or violence, this pandemic has shown us just how vulnerable we are in our own homes.

““I desperately hope Damien will take more interest in domestic abuse and use his influence with the Prime Minister to try and protect more people.”

If you are a Southport resident and are experiencing domestic abuse, or believe it’s happening to someone you know, call 0151 934 5142 or, in an emergency, 999