Dog unit called to Clifton after ‘break in’

Police and specialist dog units have been called to a town centre hotel this morning after an incident in the early hours.

Specialist dog units from Merseyside Police were called to The Royal Clifton hotel on the Promenade shortly before 9.30am this morning following what has been described locally as a suspected break in.

The hotel and facilities are currently closed as a result of the coronavirus and staff remain furloughed.

Officers were seen entering the building amid runours that those involved in the incident could possibly still be in the sprawling hotel grounds.

Sandra Rushton, a passing jogger, wrote to OTS News saying: “I couldn’t hear any alarms going off but there was definitely some urgency and panic.

“I saw the dog unit pull up and rush in. I think it could be a break in because there’s nothing else going on there. I run past the hotel most days and it’s been a ghost building since March.”