Dog owners warned of ‘poisoning’ fear on Ainsdale beach

7th July 2020

Dog owners on the coastline fear their pets might have fallen ill after ingesting a suspicious substance on Ainsdale beach.

A number of dogs fell ill shortly after walking along the beach near to Ainsdale Nature Reserve and Pine Woods sparking fears of a suspected poisoning.

In one severe case a dog fell so ill it suffered convulsions and vomiting after ingesting something it ate along the beach.

Recent high winds and bad weather is suspected to have washed up harmful palm oil on the beach which is the likely cause of the illness.

Beach rangers have been informed.

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Sefton Council have repeatedly asked dog walkers to be vigilant when visiting the beach when there is potential for palm oil to be washed ashore.

A spokesman for the Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership said: “Palm oil debris is harmless to humans, but it can be fatal to dogs if eaten.

“Unfortunately dogs are attracted to the smell of the stuff, so pet owners are advised to remain vigilant if walking your dog on the coast, especially around tidelines.

“Pet owners should keep their dogs under close control on the beach, especially along the tideline, although the material can appear elsewhere on the beach after a high tide.”


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