Does HughesNet offer low-income internet?

HughesNet is an excellent choice for fast-speed Internet if you’re residing in a rural location. However, this ISP offers immense coverage throughout the United States. This means you get reliable connectivity regardless of your location. You just have to have a clear view of the Southern sky. HughesNet is a wireless satellite internet service provider. In case you are living in a remote area with no fixed cable infrastructure, you will still get stable internet at amazing rates.

Satellite internet is a little expensive than its Cable and DSL alternatives in terms of the required equipment. Rural areas are already under a lot of stress due to the unavailability of basic technology. HughesNet comes in with great support for such places where no advancement is possible. It will not work as fast as a cable or fiber-optic network but you will find the optimum speed with great perks and benefits. If you have any questions or are facing any issues regarding the service, HughesNet customer support is always there to help, working 24/7 to offer valuable advice and solutions.

HughesNet technology

The telecommunications industry has gone through some serious innovative tech advancements. ISPs are coming up with bigger and better solutions and revolutionary ideas to bring the maximum benefits to their customers. This should include special remunerations and subsidies for all those who deserve special treatment. However, rural area residents are struggling to get the deployment of the latest in technology. The Federal Government and relevant institutions will need to put some serious focus on bringing all the standard Internet and other communication services to remote locations as well.

HughesNet has upgraded its services to Gen5 technology for the year 2021 to bring constant speed overall plans regardless of their listed prices. The recent launch of their EchoStar XIX satellite has made this possible. It’s a high-capacity satellite that ensures consistent reliable Broadband speeds to all areas of the USA. The prices of their internet plans are still the same as before with a boost in the quality of services.

Budget-friendly plans for low-income households

With HughesNet, you don’t stand to lose. You rather gain with subscribing to their service. They offer promotional discounts for their new customers with all their contract subscriptions. HughesNet internet plans are clear and simple with no hidden charges or extra fees. Therefore, if you belong to a household with budget issues and concerns, you get a fair price for excellent services. A few of the perks that HughesNet is offering at present to all its current subscribers are:

  1. A free modem/router. You don’t need a separate router for boosting signals. Their free modem comes with in-built Wi-Fi technology.
  2. Get a $50 credit back with your connection if you invite and introduce friends and family to HughesNet services. Your loved ones get the same deal.
  3. There is no fee for standard installation for first-time users. The offer is valid for all their data plan customers.

HughesNet plans and their prices

Four clear Internet plans are offered by HughesNet:

  1. The standard internet plan is also the most affordable plan by HughesNet. It offers 10 GB of internet for $59.99 a month for 24 months. HughesNet promises to maintain the price of your chosen plan for the two years of service.
  2. By adding just $10, you get the 20 GB plan for $69.99 per month for a tenure of two-years. The price is set for the 24 months of the contract.
  3. The third plan is named the 30 GB plan. How convenient is that! Every plan name consists of the number of GBs offered by the ISP. It costs $99.99 a month for two-years and no surprising mid-plan price hikes.
  4. The last one is the 50 GB plan at $149.99 per month, which is just excellent for families.

The prices may seem a little on the higher side but that is all due to the HughesNet equipment charges. The satellite dish antenna and the relevant connecting devices are more expensive than any other network gadgets. Additionally, the satellites orbiting the earth that are sending and receiving data signals are also expensive. They are the only Internet Service Provider giving affordable accessibility to areas without any type of network coverage. This makes HughesNet the absolute and sometimes the only choice for rural locations.

HughesNet data plans and speed

Every customer is important to HughesNet. Therefore, every plan comes with the same download and upload speed, which is 25 Mbps and 3 Mbps respectively. All customers get the same speed and same soft data caps because of the latest Gen5 technology. If you belong to a low-income family, your internet speed will not be compromised in case you end up choosing a smaller data plan.

If you by chance exceed your service data limit, HughesNet will not charge any extra fees. It would rather keep providing internet at considerably reduced speeds, that is, 1 to 3 Mbps. There will no termination or canceling of the plan for exceeding monthly data limits.

HughesNet surprise additional data

HughesNet comes with another benefit. They offer a Bonus Zone between 2 am and 8 am for all their subscribed customers. You get 50 GB data in addition to the service plan data, with all their internet plans. You can utilize this free data and get major downloads and all your heavy-duty data content uploads during this time. No other ISP has such amazing free perks with any of their plans. This is an amazing opportunity for low-income households as this allows you to invest in HughesNet cheapest data plan and yet get high-speed internet with an awesome data limit.

Other HughesNet fees

Generally, HughesNet customers can get an in-built Wi-Fi Modem/Router for a leasing fee of $14.99 per month with a $99 activation fee. You could also buy all the relevant equipment for $449 and cut back on the $99 fee. However, with HughesNet promotional discounts, you can get all this for free with free standard installation.

Hope this article helps. If you’re an existing or new rural area resident, we suggest that you seriously consider HughesNet for their affordable and consistent speed internet plans.