Do you know the properties of the most popular bedding materials?

1st December 2022

There are all kinds of bed sheets. The material used to make the bedding has a fundamental influence on the characteristics of the blanket, quilt or pillow. Do you know the most popular materials used? 

Classic cotton bedding

Cotton is still one of the most popular materials regarding bedding. It has universal properties, it serves well in summer or winter. There are no maintenance problems either, on the other hand, cotton sheets need ironing.

However, there can even be a difference with regard to individual cotton sheets. The material’s grammage plays a role (values around 150 g/m2 are considered high grammage), quality of yarn, print and sewing. All these parameters play a role in how long the cotton sheets will last and what specific properties they will have. On the other hand, the same applies to bedding made from any material.

Microplush bedding

Microplush bedding is commonly chosen for the winter months. As the name suggests, the bedding is very soft and will makes you perfectly cosy in bed. At the same time, Microplush bedding is very warm.

Microplush bedding is usually100% polyester, therefore it’s an artificial material. For this reason, Microplush is a less squishy type of bedding.

Crepe sheets

Some stubbornly reject it, others won’t allow it. Crepe sheets divide people into two irreconcilable camps.

Crepe bedding is very specific and you’ll recognise it at first glance. The fabric is “ruffled”, or creped. Therefore, crepe bedding differs from all other materials in terms of appearance and properties. A larger bedding volume means better heat retention. Therefore, crepe bedding is also an ideal choice for winter.

From a maintenance viewpoint, crepe bedding has one big advantage – it’s non-ironable. On the other hand, ben linen creases can be a problem – dirt or detergent residues can remain in them.

Crepe sheets are usually 100% cotton.

Flannel bedding

Flannel bedding is also 100% cotton and its properties are very similar to classic cotton bedding. Although, it has a much higher grammage, it should exceed 170 g/m2, but you can also find flannel sheets with a significantly higher grammage on the market.


What are the consequences? The bedding is much warmer and is also a great choice during winter. Due to the higher grammage, flannel bedding also has a longer lifespan.