DJI Mini SE – the latest generation compact drone superstar

25th October 2022

The DJI Mini SE is a drone suitable for beginner pilots who want to take advantage of the unique aerial perspective. For easier work and achieving quality results, dji mini se offers Quickshots – 4 modes with a ready flight plan. The result is a quality video that can be shared easily on social media. The 3-axis gimbal captures video up to 2.7K and photos with a resolution of 4000×3000 pixels.

Because of its mini size and the easiness of flying control, this mini drone is extremely suited for beginner drone pilots. Make sure you check out Drone Users Manuals to get the best out of your drone.

Exceptionally light and compact drone at an affordable price

Taking personal videos and photos is free and easy with DЈІ Minі ЅЕ. It will show you the world from a bird’s eye view with high resolution, and you will enjoy it while you are watching it. This drone will give you an incredible flight experience and its price is more than attractive.

What are the main features of DJI Mini SE?

Light and compact

DЈІ Mini ЅЕ is an exceptionally light and compact and has almost the size of a smartphone. It weighs only 250 grams. This makes it easy to carry and is one of the most harmless small drones of the ultra light category.

Easy to use

It’s easy to use, thanks to the DЈІ Fly application, which has an intuitive interface. This app will allow you to create professional images and video with just a few clicks. DЈІ Fly provides users with access to the popular Sky Pixel platform, where you can easily share all your photos and videos.

There you will also be able to view the shared content of other people from all over the world. This way, you will be able to find out beautiful places for aerial photography and mark the points of interest you would like to visit. There is a Flight Tutorial function, which will help you learn how to fly the DJI Mini SE quickly and easily.

Safe and simple for beginners

DЈІ Mini SE has a 360° guard, which completely protects the drone and everyone around it from accidents. The bottom part of the drone has the Vision Sensing system and together with the GRP allows trouble-free and precise flying inside and outside.

The DЈІ Fly application offers a wide variety of creative templates that create amazing videos in just one click. Even beginners, with no experience in editing, can turn an ordinary moment into a professional clip.

A camera with amazing quality

DЈІ Minі ЅЕ shoots aerial photos with 12MP camera and 2.7K Quad HD video. The camera has triple stabilization, which ensures excellent smoothness and crisp, professional-looking footage. Remote control supports HD video connection with zero latency storage up to 2 km. Thanks to is low weight, the drone can stay in the air for a longer time, which makes it a competitor of the more sophisticated models. Thanks to Quick Shot, you’ll be able to capture action and real-time cinematic shots.

Cine Smooth is a mode that will allow you to slow down any movements for added precision and stability. Exclusively safe even if you are in the protected room or there are obstacles.

Return Home is an option that will allow the drone to automatically return to the last starting point. If the video connection is interrupted for some reason, this option will be activated automatically. The starting point is the first place where the drone received a GРЅ signal.

Easy flying

The remote control has built-in advanced DЈІ Wi-Fi technology. The maximum transmission distance is 4 km. There is a built-in battery, which you can connect with the help of a USB cable.

Intelligent battery

DЈІ Mini SE has an intelligent flight battery, which has a smart function for charging and vice versa. If you don’t use the product for several days, the battery absolves itself to prevent overheating or other possible negative effects. When the battery is charging, it is normal to feel the heat that it emits during the process. It has overcharge protection and it will automatically turn off when it is fully charged. If the battery charge is below 10%, the battery enters hibernation mode.