DJ mixer seized as police tackle organised rave

Following community reports of a possible organised rave on Formby beach yesterday evening, we implemented a proactive operation to stop it taking place. The attached photo shows the equipment seized. Anyone attending Sefton with equipment to be used for a rave will have it taken from them and may be prosecuted. Likewise, individuals seeking to attend such events will be stopped and dealt with for any offences they are committing.

You may have seen elsewhere on social media a video of some young men happily taking a large speaker to the beach. They no longer have that speaker. We do.

In total, a generator, DJ mixing deck and 20 speakers were seized as well as 5 individuals arrested and 15 dispersal notices issued. We are also aware of the disruption caused by large number of people attending Formby in their vehicle and parking illegally and as a result, 60 parking tickets were issued by Police.