As discussed in the update with Ian Kyle yesterday.

With effect from the start of the 2020-21 season we will be moving over to an e-programme only for our matchday programme.

This will be available on a Friday ahead of a Saturday game and by midday ahead of a midweek match.

There will be several ways to obtain the programme.

You will be able to subscribe for the season and it will be sent out via e-mail at a cost of £30 this includes all cup games. This will be a pdf version.

You can also subscribe to the QR Codes for the same price.

You will be able to scan a QR code at the ground on a matchday or on our website ahead of the game and be taken to the page to pay with the programme then being available on your phone.

You can order a copy on a game by game basis (£2 each) and all orders submitted by 8pm on a Friday will be sent out by e-mail ahead of the game. Any orders submitted after this time will be sent out after the game.

Anyone taking out a membership will have the option to add the programme to their membership package for an extra £2 per month. This includes any cup games.


We appreciate this is a big change and understand it is still a tradition to have a paper matchday programme so why are we doing it?

COVID 19 means we are exploring as many ways as possible to reduce cash handling in the ground.

We will be able to tell our advertisers that their adverts will be seen by a wider range of people and it makes commercial sense.

Sales of football programmes have dropped dramatically and whilst we try and estimate the number needed per game we still get left with a good number on some occasions whilst on others, despite increasing the order, we can sell out by 2.45pm!

We are reducing the use of paper helping our carbon footprint.

Our Programme Editor Rob Urwin says “ I was rather reluctant at first when the idea was mooted as a bit of a traditionalist but having looked at the practicalities, the reduction in paper, no need for deliveries, no postal charges, the cost implications, no cash handling on a matchday and the environmental aspect I can see more pros than cons. It will be a big change for some but let’s give it a go and test it out”

The e-programme can still be printed off if desired.

Example QR Code-Point your phone or ipad at the code and the programme will be delivered to your device. The example is free.