Desolate Southport Pitch and Putt golf course turns into drug dealer haven

12th March 2019
Southport Pitch and Putt

An abandoned golf course in Southport is becoming a drug haven say worried dog walkers.

They also say it is a poor advert for the town after the overgrown and abandoned pitch and putt on Southport promenade continues to decline.

There is also heroin needles and laughing gas canisters hidden in plain sight on the outskirts of the course and when night falls the abandoned land is becoming a haven for both homeless people and drug users because it is out of sight of police.

One furious resident who lives on the promenade wrote to OTS News to say that more needs to be done and someone needs to buy the land soon and develop it into a positive side rather than the mess that currently exists. They say whoever owns it should be ashamed of themselves.