Deer Alert – RAF Woodvale area

20th May 2021

A sad sight to see this week as a lovely deer was found dead at the side of the Formby Bypass, opposite RAF Woodvale.

The British Dear Society note that May is a peak time for deer vehicle collisions and many of them will be roe deer.

Fast vehicles versus native British wildlife – nature loses out every time!

All drivers are asked to be especially vigilant. Would a few well-placed deer warning signs be helpful in saving lives along this fast road?

Above: deer were also spotted last autumn on Ainsdale mosslands, close to Segars Lane .

Wildlife has apparently edged nearer to human habitation. This is possibly due to Covid lockdown restrictions making the countryside a quieter place.

Additional information can be accessed from the British Deer Society:

NB. Please see the following link for news of other wildlife in the Southport area:

Above: a red squirrel pictured in an Ainsdale garden.

Our wonderful British wildlife needs all the help it can get!