Dead owners dog finds loving new home thanks to Community First Responder

13th May 2018

Dead owners dog finds loving new home thanks Community First Responder.

A loveable pooch who was found cuddling up to its dead owner has now been given a new home.

Poppy, a one year old puppy was found by Volunteer first responder Jonathan Cunningham when he entered a flat in Southport. Inside he found a man who had passed away and Poppy, who was suffering from dehydration and malnutrition.

Jonathan said “The police whom we forced entry with where about to call the dog section to take her away.

“So I asked if I could look after her until they contacted the owners relatives. We love dogs in our family! The great news is now several weeks on she is fully recovered. My mum has adopted her and the relatives of the poor man are all delighted.

“Poppy is a fabulous bundle of fun rescued out of desperate circumstances. You never know what you may discover as a North West Ambulance Service volunteer working as a Community First Responder.

If you would like to do something quite remarkable and thoroughly rewarding then Google NWAS Community First Responder, fill out the application and become part of an amazing team. No first aid experience required – outstanding training given.

“You must be able to drive, over 18 and commit to several hours per week to deploy into your community to help people. Poppy is one reason we need more volunteers like you!”