Dawson welcomes Inspectors’ ‘No’ to noise all night on Nevill Street

18th May 2017
Dawson welcomes Inspectors' 'No' to noise all night on Nevill Street

Dawson welcomes Inspectors’ ‘No’ to noise all night on Nevill Street.

The Planning Inspectorate have said ‘NO’ to noise all night on Nevill Street in turning down an appeal against the Council’s decision to not allow a take-away to open till 4.00 in the morning.

Local Town Centre Councillor Tony Dawson is pleased at the outcome. He says:

“There can already be noise very early in the morning in Southport town centre which carries upwards to the hundreds of residents of flats in and around Lord Street. Council and commercial bin collections often take place very early so as to not interfere with trading.

“So to add the potential of noise at 4.00 am to the noise which already starts sometimes at 6.00 am seems a step too far.

“I do not want rules which interfere with sensible trade so it might be useful if the Council and the BID sat down with local councillors and thrashed out a sensible policy for different parts of the Town Centre which balanced issues of trade with the amenity of residents for both licensing and planning purposes.”

“Southport can be quiet at night some times and other times it has a vibrant night time economy. Our clubland area clearly works beyond midnight  and this is an accepted part of life within the town. But, unless someone comes up with a lot of fresh evidence I am not convinced that the kind of custom desperate for a Kebab at 4.00 am is quite what is needed especially if it adds to the problems of residents who sometimes already don’t get too much sleep.”