Data protection for collective action participants: how do you do it?

20th August 2022

Your company has already recruited enough participants to run a collective action, you have also found a law firm and a litigation founder. Before starting the battle ask yourself if the data of the participants is safe and your company is ready to withstand cyber attacks? Win cases with full service claim provider Daccs.

Why do you need modern technologies in collective actions?

As companies move their services online more and more, like HR and accounting, companies become more and more reliant on modern technologies. The idea of storing personal data on paper, even in a safe, seems absurd. In spite of this, even digital data is vulnerable to cyber attacks, which are becoming more difficult to resist. But you can prevent such activities by appointing a good certified information systems auditor who will manage your business’s technical issues and save your business from getting  affected by any unusual technical activity.

Data processing in a secure manner is one of the challenges associated with collective actions due to the high number of data of participants. It’s crucial to cooperate with a company that understands what they are doing, and own reliable cloud infrastructure. The infrastructure must also be scalable to the amount of the visitors, and data to be processed. Daccs can provide you with that.

Security breaches can put the collective action at risk, which is why privacy is so important.

Why is it important to withstand cyber attacks and protect privacy?

With reliable companies like Daccs, lawyers can work on a case without interruptions or concerns about security or privacy issues. The cloud infrastructure must be scalable to the amount of the visitors, and data to be processed.

The most important issue is to analyze the collective litigation individually, to prepare a tailor-made plan of action. Another crucial thing is to comply with the privacy laws and regulations.

Consider the situation of building a privacy-related collective litigation case while being targeted by a cyber attack. Avoid the risk as much as possible.

What are other challenges of collective action?

In order to build a collective litigation process, finding a recognized number of participants is the first step. While it is still a challenge, the further steps are even more challenging, so it is recommended to find a company that can handle all non-legal aspects of the case.

Daccs guarantees security, ease of use and accessibility of the systems. Building a collective action, you can keep in touch with all the participants, find the information about them, provide direct participant communication, and email automations. And finally, when the parties reach a settlement, Daccs infrastructure makes sure the right people get the benefits.