Daryll lights up Christmas with a song

An operating theatre is the usual stage for Daryll Nesmejanow but this Christmas it’s his singing talent that’s in the limelight.

For the 42-year-old singer and guitarist has written and recorded his own song to sit alongside classics like Do They Know It’s Christmas and Fairy Tale of New York.

“People kept saying to me I should record a Christmas song, so I thought ‘why not’,” said Daryll, who is an operating department practitioner (ODP) at Southport and Ormskirk hospitals.

ODPs are an important part of the operating department team working with surgeons, anaesthetists and theatre nurses to help ensure every operation is as safe and effective as possible

As well as writing and performing Light up My Christmas, Daryll also made an accompanying video.

“It was mostly filmed at home and took me a couple of weeks to do,” said Daryll, who is keeping under wraps how he choreographed a backing group of singing presents. “It was done with special Christmas magic,” he says.

“People I work with have been very supportive – some have even bought it! In fact, I’ve been overwhelmed by the response.”

Daryll, a father-of-two from Swinley Lane, Wigan, has been singing since he was 14 and been in various bands. His current band, The Ravadas, is in the process of auditioning a new drummer for the New Year.

Light up My Christmas is available to downloaded on iTunes, listened to for free at SoundCloud and watched at YouTube, or put “Nezmo” into any internet search engine.

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