Danger pavement ‘could take a life’ claim

15th October 2018

Danger pavement ‘could take a life’ claim

Shoppers are being warned of a dangerous paving slab claiming countless victims on Lord Street.

Recently one shopper spent hours in A&E for a suspected broken wrist after they tripped over a loose paving slab outside the Bold Hotel on Lord Street.

They blamed the pavement being damaged on taxi drivers swinging their heavy cars onto the pavement to pick up and drop off boozy customers.

They told OTS they were lucky to escape without serious injury.

Speaking anonymously they said “The state of the pavement outside the bold hotel is shocking. I’ve tripped over a loose flag and landed on my bad wrist.”

“I Spent 4 hours at a&e having to get it looked at in case it was broken. Luckily it’s not but it could have been a lot worse if it was someone elderly. All because taxi drivers park on the pavement outside when picking up and dropping off.”