Damien Moore: We stand with Ukraine

25th February 2022
Damien Moore-otsnews
Southport MP Damien Moore

Damien Moore has asked Sefton Council for the flag of Ukraine to be flown at Southport Town Hall following yesterday’s invasion by Russian forces.

A statement from Damien Moore said: “[Yesterday], like the rest of my constituents, I woke to the horrific news that, despite months of careful diplomacy from a united international effort, Russia has invaded Ukraine.

“Ukraine is a free and sovereign European nation, a true democracy that now stands bravely against imperialist Russian tendencies. We in Southport share many of their values, such as that a free society is a good society, and that the best way to ensure respect of law and respect of one’s co-citizens is through democracy, where every voice is heard.

“I welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement in Parliament [yesterday] that we are bringing in stringent economic measures against Russia, acting in concert with a group of countries making up half the global economy.

“We are freezing the assets of major Russian banks, banning Russian banks from the UK financial system and from clearing payments in the UK, and limiting how much Russians can deposit into UK banks. We are also banning Aeroflot from the UK, and ensuring that Russian oligarchs in the UK have nowhere to hide.

“It is right that we bring in these strong sanctions to ensure that Russia, and in particular Putin, understands that this aggression will be met with force. The Prime Minister is right when he says that we now see Putin for what he is, “a blood-stained aggressor who believes in imperial conquest”, who will never be able to cleanse the stain of the blood of Ukraine from his hands.

“We will not abandon the Ukrainians, and I know I speak for many of us in Southport when I say that we stand shoulder to shoulder with them in standing up for what is right. [Yesterday], I wrote to the CEO of Sefton Council, to ask for the Ukrainian flag to be flown from Southport Town Hall as a small but significant visible show of our solidarity.

“I will soon be voting with the Government to bring these measures to combat Russian aggression into legal force, and I stand ready to vote for further measures should they be necessary. We must make it clear to autocrats abroad that the UK and the people of Southport stand for democracy and freedom, and that we support all those who share these important values. We stand with Ukraine.”

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