Damien Moore votes against implementing Grenfell Inquiry recommendations

Damien Moore-otsnews
Southport MP Damien Moore

Damien Moore joined with Conservative Party colleagues to vote against an amendment to a fire safety bill that would have included recommendations made by the Grenfell Inquiry.

308 Conservative MPs voted against the measures. The amendment was defeated by 188 votes to 318.

Keir Starmer said the result was a “shameful dereliction of duty”. Pressure group Grenfell United said it was “outraged” by the vote.

The amendment would have required flat owners and managers to disclose materials and designs used in construction, and share evacuation and fire safety instructions with residents.

But Conservative ministers say the party is already committed to implementing recommendations from the Grenfell Inquiry, and that the amendment could have the unintended effect of slowing fire safety reform.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said the measures would be put into law after a consultation period, and that that the government wanted to finish hearing the opinions of “residents of social housing and the industry”.