Damien Moore MP urges Southport families to check for govt. support during awareness week

Damien Moore Southport MP
Damien Moore, Southport MP

Damien Moore MP has welcomed the launch of the Government’s Household Support Fund Awareness Week which is encouraging vulnerable families across Southport to check with Sefton Council what support is available to local people.

Since its launch in October 2021, the Household Support Fund has received over £2 billion in investment to alleviate cost-of-living pressures, including £4,870,222 for Sefton Council as part of the fourth round of funding between April 2023 and March 2024. This brings the total funding available to Sefton residents through the fund to an £12,175,556.

With the fund, councils in England can use their local knowledge to reach out to those in need and provide support to cover the costs of essentials such as groceries, toiletries, warm clothing, and energy bills.

As part of the Conservative Government’s Household Support Fund Awareness Week, vulnerable individuals across England are being encouraged to contact their councils and learn more about the support available in their area. This is part of the government’s unwavering commitment to support vulnerable households by alleviating their cost-of-living pressures.

The Conservative Government is taking the necessary long-term decisions to put the country on the right path for the future while fulfilling its promises to halve inflation, boost the economy, reduce debt, cut waiting lists, and stop illegal immigration. The government remains steadfast in its support for vulnerable households and will continue to take bold steps to ensure that they receive the support they need.

Damien Moore, Member of Parliament, said: “I know families across Southport are still feeling significant cost-of-living pressures due to high inflation caused by Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine, and the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“That is why I welcome the sustained support the Government is providing through the £2 billion pound means-tested Household Support Fund to support our most vulnerable local communities, in addition to the second £300 Cost-of-Living payment from October the 31st, and the £300 Winter Fuel payment.”

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Mel Stride MP, said: “The best way we can protect family finances is by driving down inflation, but as it reduces, we recognise that cost of living pressures remains for some of the most vulnerable households.

“Our record £842 million cash injection to the Household Support Fund in England this year means that people most in need will be able to get extra support locally to cover the essentials.

“And alongside this unprecedented cost of living support, we’re taking the long-term decisions to reform the welfare system to help thousands more people benefit from the income boost provided by employment.”

Minister for Social Mobility, Youth and Progression, Mims Davies MP, said: “Thanks to this Government’s massive extension to the Household Support Fund for every community throughout England, plus money for devolved Governments, we have seen some wonderfully innovative and locally focused uses of the additional money by local councils to ensure support is delivered to those families and those needing extra help in tough times.

“In my own area, West Sussex, over £9 million is helping locally to finance door-to-door food box deliveries and supermarket vouchers to the most vulnerable. Vital support will also be available to help with the cost of vehicle repairs, white goods and public transport fares to ensure people stay connected, and this is on top of previous allocations.

“This Household Support Fund Awareness Week, I do encourage anyone in the country who is struggling to cover costs to speak to their local council about what extra support is available in their area. I know local MPs will be keen to do the same, so their constituents know the additional help available on their doorstep.”

“Today, the Government is also teaming up with Amazon Alexa to relaunch a public information campaign that helped British households save an estimated £120 million last winter. Through a free partnership between the Government and Amazon, anyone asking Alexa – including the free mobile phone app – how to save money on their energy bill will receive advice on preparing their home for winter and use less energy in the long-term, which could save at least £100 a year.

“The partnership is part of today’s relaunch of the Government’s It All Adds Up campaign, which last year saw 80% of people in the UK saying they had taken at least one of the money-saving actions. Alongside Alexa, advice is available online via the Help for Households website and through a public information campaign including partnerships, billboards and radio adverts later in the autumn.”

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