Cyclists call on council for better routes along coast

11th May 2020

Angry cyclists say more needs to be done to make cycle paths along the coast better and safer for cyclists.

Local cycle enthusiast Paul Meredith said “In reply to your article concerning cyclists not using cycle paths, but using roads, in particular the coastal road between Birkdale and Ainsdale.

Stay off the road and use cycle path, say police

“As a cyclist I fully understand why you strongly advise cyclists to use the cycle path.

“When on that section of the road I always use this path as the road is far too hazardous.

“However, I no longer use this cycle/footpath for 2 main reasons. Firstly, the sand and grasses have greatly narrowed this path, making it almost impossible to pass oncoming cyclists coming the other way safely. Secondly, this narrowed path is also for pedestrians.

“In order to cope with this usage, if the council wants to keep cyclists off the road, then they have to make this cycle/footpath fit for purpose urgently. Also, its strange that we complain when cyclists go on fast roads but not when cars park and block pavements or cycle lanes.”

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