Custom Healthcare Software Solutions: An Overview

2nd February 2023

Healthcare software is software that’s developed specifically for the healthcare industry. Typically, these solutions focus on optimizing diagnosis and treatment. They achieve this goal by streamlining the communication between patients, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare providers.

Healthcare Software: What Is It?

Healthcare software can be used to:

  • Digitize patient records
  • Manage appointment scheduling
  • Optimize drug ordering and delivery
  • Improve the hospital management process 

Healthcare software can either be off-the-shelf or custom developed.

  • An off-the-shelf solution is prepackaged and available to the masses. They may include features or functions that a healthcare facility may not necessarily need.
  • Custom healthcare software solutions are custom developed applications that automate or streamline workflow in healthcare settings.

Both offer advantages, but many healthcare providers find that custom solutions are the best option.

Advantages of Custom Software in the Healthcare Sector

There are many benefits of custom healthcare software development for both the healthcare facility itself and for patients.

Regarding Medical Personnel & Facilities

For medical personnel and facilities, a custom software solution can help:

  • Keep patient data secure. Custom solutions can help keep patient data out of the wrong hands. They also ensure that only the right personnel have access to sensitive patient data or records.
  • Optimize operations. Custom software can help optimize and even automate a healthcare organization’s operations. From billing processes to patient medical histories and prescription management, custom software can optimize a number of administrative tasks.
  • Save time. Custom-designed software will save time, so staff can focus on providing the best quality care to patients. Routine processes, such as billing and scheduling, can be streamlined or automated to give personnel more time for patients.

For Clients

Clients or patients also benefit from custom healthcare software solutions. Patients enjoy:

  • A better experience. Custom software solutions can provide patients with better overall quality of care. Remote patient monitoring means that personnel can monitor and respond to patients even from a distance. Patients can keep track of their appointments and data with greater ease.
  • Time savings. Custom healthcare software can also save patients time, as much of the experience can take place online via apps. Patients can easily book appointments, view their data, ask for prescriptions, make payments or consult with a physician directly through a custom app.

Various Subcategories and Types of Custom Healthcare Solutions

Custom solutions can be part of a healthcare facility’s advancing custom healthcare software strategy. However, it’s important for these organizations to understand the types of custom solutions available.

There are two main types:


As the name suggests, business-centric software is focused on the administrative side of healthcare. These include:

  • Medical billing: Automates the billing process and tracks payments automatically. 
  • Hospital management: Improves the management of administrative activities, like payroll processing, billing, and management of patient information.
  • Medical imaging: Aids in the diagnosis and treatment process by providing images from CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, X-rays and more.
  • Revenue cycle management (RCM): Monitors the entire patient journey from registration to payment. These solutions reduce paperwork, ensure timely payments and save time.
  • Medical diagnosis: Helps with the diagnosis process and provides patients with detailed data that can be used for effective treatment.


Custom healthcare software can also be client focused. These solutions include:

  • Patient portals: Web-based applications that give patients secure access to their medical records, the ability to communicate with their healthcare providers and schedule appointments. 
  • Telemedicine: Allows doctors and patients to communicate remotely and in real-time. These solutions can be used for diagnosis and in some cases, treatment.
  • E-prescribe: Streamlines the prescription process, allowing doctors to send prescriptions digitally to pharmacies.
  • Personal health record (PHR): Allows patients to track their personal healthcare records and healthcare providers to view their data to provide better care.

Why Are Services for Custom Healthcare Software Development Needed?

Healthcare providers may hire a custom healthcare software development company to build a custom healthcare software solution for a number of reasons.

For starters, custom solutions ensure better security and will better meet the organization’s individual needs. Custom healthcare software research can make these solutions even more effective and efficient.

Bottom Line

Custom healthcare software is a great option for providers looking to enhance the patient’s experience and streamline their operations all while protecting patient data. Finding an experienced software development company can help ensure that healthcare providers receive the solution they need that fits their budget. Additionally, consider exploring various CRM alternatives for life sciences, ensuring your healthcare operations align with the right technology solutions.