Curacao Gambling Licenses: The Good and the Bad

6th July 2023

Gambling licenses are common in Curacao. The license permits global iGaming operations. E-gaming license in Curacao is easy and tax-friendly. Curacao was one of the first to provide e-gaming licenses in 1996.

Application Procedures for an Electronic Gaming License in Curacao

  1. To begin the pre-approval procedure, an applicant must give a corporate service provider with fundamental information on their firm and their intended e-gaming enterprise. Pre-approval takes 1–2 days.
  2. Form for Application: Apply for a gaming license from the Curaçao Gaming Control Board by filling out their application form and sending them the required documentation and application fee.
  3. Evaluating the application and confirming the information provided.
  4. Approval: If everything checks out, your e-gaming site’s license will be granted, and you may get the ball rolling. Your Curacao online gambling license will be ready in a matter of weeks.

The eGaming License from Curacao

Curacao’s e-gaming business is world-class. Netherlands-owned Curacao is in the Caribbean. Due to its isolated position and European ties, the jurisdiction of Curacao is unlike any other.

A Curacao gaming license will cost you both an initial application fee and an annual renewal charge. The price tag for legalizing online gambling varies widely across countries. The temporary license issued by Curacao requires a guarantee deposit of 60,000 ANG.

The benefits of a Curacao gaming license and why they save money

Curacao licenses are issued within three weeks after application. Applying immediately saves money.

Favorable Tax Laws – The cost of gaming licenses is simply one factor to consider when deciding which jurisdiction is best for your business. The initial cost of obtaining a license varies by jurisdiction, but yearly charges in certain places might be prohibitive. Curacao has a low corporate tax rate of about 2%.

2 primary Curacao eGaming License cost considerations

Curacao has low startup costs for online gaming businesses. The government of Curacao sets licensing fees, which vary depending on the client’s financial status and the applicant’s firm’s size and complexity. Curacao’s first license prices of €20,000–€25,000 are low compared to other nations.

The Pros and Cons of Getting an e-Gaming License in Curacao


  • Cost-effective submission procedure.
  • The application procedure is quick and simple.
  • Consensual tax policies.
  • Regulation of gaming is simple.
  • There should be just one gaming license needed.
  • You may post the label verifying your license on your site.


  • Some operators may see the Curacao license as having lesser standards than licenses from more stringent countries because of the comparatively few criteria, the quickness with which you may receive a license, and the inexpensive cost.
  • Instead of the Gaming Commission, sublicenses are audited by the Master License holder.
  • There are a number of major worldwide marketplaces that are off-limits to anyone with a Curacao license.

Online Curacao eGaming License Application

Since only enterprises based in Curacao may apply for gaming licenses issued by the government of Curacao, incorporating your business in Curacao with e-zone status is required.

To meet the Permanent Establishment Requirement (PE), you’ll need to host at least some of your client database locally on hardware located in Curacao. After that, you may approach a holder of a Master License and request a Sublicense.

Applicants must usually present financial information, a business plan, a clean criminal background, adequate funds, and a strategy to avoid underage gambling and money laundering. Authorities may add requirements. Application information is checked after filing. If approved, the Justice Department issues temporary permission.