CSPO Course online

7th March 2022

If you are a professional scrum master or Certified Scrum Product Owner, you have a crucial role in product development for organizations that have adopted the agile framework. These professionals are responsible for adding up the value of different products created with the help of a development team and thus represent the interest of Product Stakeholders in the Scrum framework. A Product Owner backed with a Scrum Master only acts as a bridge between the user community and even in the development team that further helps guide the development of the product’s effort towards success.

You can find the product owners to be an indispensable part of your product team, and they play a vital role in the success of an organization. With a CSPO certification by Scrum Alliance, you can help give the formal recognition that acts as a Product Owner. It even paves the way for some better career opportunities. As a result, many more top companies from different domains come forward to development efforts. These companies include IBM, Google, ANZ, Spotify, Dell, Siemens, Ernst and Young, Target, GE Healthcare and Honeywell. These have recognized the critical importance of the Scrum framework for their development efforts and have hired CSPOs to represent their interest.

You can see the big enterprises and even some upcoming businesses and start-ups working in a Scrum way. Then they become keen on hiring Product Owners who know their responsibilities well and even get the chance to meet several business objectives. It has given a chance to boost up the chance to hire the CSPOs who have the skills and the required expertise to implement Scrum and Agile. Hence, if you want to impact the Agile and Scrum world, you have the chance of gaining a CSPO certification that goes for the best bet.


Seeking a CSPO Course online can give you too many bring in too many benefits, and you as a Product Owner also help in gaining the development of the organization.

Individual Benefits

As an individual with this certification, you have the following benefits to reap:

  • You get the chance of developing a promising career with agile methodology.
  • You get the chance to amplify your earning potential by being a competent Product Owner having the formal CSPO® certification.
  • You get a job as a Product Owner in any of the top companies discussed above and thus help you embrace Scrum the best.
  • You can find the career options including Product Manager, Business Analyst and Project Manager as you gain a lot with the experience as a CSPO.
  • Being a competent CSPO® certified individual, you get the chance to earn a whopping salary of 103K per annum.

Organizational Benefits

When any organization hire a Certified Scrum Product Owner, they get a wide range of benefits. They can fill the gap between their stakeholders and the development team, thus focusing on things that can lead the project towards success. The following benefits you can gain with a CSPO:

  • You can quickly draft the product features that work as per the inputs of stakeholders and end-users
  • It also improves upon the effectiveness of Scrum artefacts, and then these offer you the knowledge required to boost things like business agility in your organization.
  • They get the chance to add reviews about the Product Backlog on a regular interval and then meet their expectations of the stakeholders.
  • It acts in the company’s best interest and thus offers the best possible result for the development effort.

So, suppose you are keen to establish your product owner career. In that case, you with a CSPO certification from the Scrum Alliance can help in gaining the best of the career opportunities in an Agile Framework.

The ZeoLearn Experience

If you are enrolled at institutes like ZeoLearn, you are bound to enjoy a wide range of features, which include the following:

  • Learn by Doing – You get a unique blend of Hands-on training and theoretical learning.
  • Live Interactive sessions – Get the chance to pose as many questions to get rid of confusions and get all the clarifications. You can get engaged in discussions with instructors and other participants.
  • Real-world skill sets – You can gain real-world experiences seeking different projects and thus build a strong portfolio of projects.
  • Mentorship by Industry experts – You get mentored by top industry practitioners and experts with ample experience in the Industry.
  • Reason Based learning – Here, you go beyond the traditional and theoretical knowledge and get the critical questions around the scrum topics.
  • Make Projects – You can get the option to gain skills with the help of some real-world projects and develop a good portfolio you can always showcase to employers.

What you will learn?

Scrum Fundamentals – You can learn regarding Scrum framework, roles, activities, & artefacts to kick-start any Scrum project


You will cover the following topics as under:

  • ROI and business value – Understand Scrum fundamentals and master techniques to improve ROI and maximize business value.
  • Product Owner role – Understand the role of Product Owner in high-performing teams and deliver value within time and budget.
  • Lead Agile teams – Communicate the business requirements clearly to the team members by working with them as a PO
  • Better user stories – Get in-depth requirements from the stakeholders to write user stories for the product backlog
  • Value delivery – Maintain a strong relationship with the stakeholders to maximize value delivery at the end
  • Better prioritization – Learn tips and tricks to sort the product backlog items based on the priorities set by a stakeholder
  • Minimize risks – Learn ways and methods to reduce risks, improve estimation skills, planning, and scheduling in Scrum.
  • Velocity-based delivery – Estimating the final delivery date of the project (product delivery) by calculating team velocities

How to become a CSPO?

You are just three steps away from becoming a competent CSPO Certification:

  • 1st Step – Get trained by Certified Scrum Trainers or CSTs in a two-day program
  • 2nd Step: You can take up the CSPO Exam and then get the chance to score at least 74%
  • 3rd Step – Now, you can accept the license agreement and then move ahead to become a Certified Scrum Master.

Wrapping up

In this way, you will be able to crack this certification and take your career to the next level. Good luck!