Damien Moore-otsnews
Southport’s Tory MP has supported them in this and has voted for the cuts.

If Boris Johnson breaks the law and leaves the EU without a deal, British police will lose access to important criminal databases. Criminal gangs will find it easier evading arrest as a result.

A respected report has warned that, if No Deal happens on 31st October, our police will be immediately cut off from information shared by forces across Europe. This includes data on drug gangs and human traffickers.

LibDem candidate John Wright said: “Our police are already under-funded, we haven’t enough bobbies on the beat, and now Boris Johnson wants to make their job even harder.”

Damien Moore, the Conservative MP for Southport, is working on government plans for No Deal but has so far refused to comment on what could happen if Britain crashes out of the EU. Kris Brown, who is running to be the region’s police commissioner, believes that Mr Moore needs to be upfront about the impact on local law enforcement.

“Southport is especially vulnerable. Drug gangs pose a real threat to our communities here — and our police need as much information about them as they can get.”