A Crime Alert for the residents of Southport from Merseyside Police

A Crime Alert for the residents of Southport from Merseyside Police.


Between the 28th December and the 11th January burglaries or attempted burglaries have taken place in the following locations:

Scarisbrick New Road, Dunkirk Road, Kent Road,  Waterloo Road, Dodworth Avenue, Saunders Street, Balmoral Drive, Ovington Drive

Once again residents in West and North Sefton have experienced less burglaries than in other areas.

Properties left insecure 2

Car keys and vehicles stolen 1

Attempted burglaries 1


Crime Prevention Tips to Help Keep Your Property Safe EXTERNAL DOORS

Solid doors are stronger. The door should be as strong as the lock.

The frame and hinges should be as strong as the door.

The locks should be at least a British Standard 5 level mortice lock.

News from your Community Policing Team


Over the two bike tagging events we held in Southport this weekend, PCSO’s from the Southport Local Policing Team fitted security tags to 57 bikes at Dunes Leisure Centre on Saturday, and 67 tags to bikes at Mecycle in Ainsdale on Sunday. The tags cannot be removed and mean that we can identify who the owner of the bike is, whoever is in possession of it.

Security advice is STILL to ensure that a high quality lock, that cannot be cut through, is used whenever your bike is left anywhere, even in the shed/garage at home, and that you ALWAYS secure your bike to a sturdy pillar or post.

Thanks to all who came along, especially those who waited very patiently in the queues on Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget to complete the online registration of your tag.

Thanks also to the staff at Dunes and Mecycle for helping us host the events.

More bike tagging events will be planned in the coming weeks/months, after we secure funding for more security tags.


Gareth John Shaw aged 38 has been arrested in Southport for being wanted on a recall to prison. He has been handed over by officers to the prison authorities.