Crime alert issued for Southport

28th April 2017
Crime OTS News Southport

FLS security Southport

A Crime Alert message for the residents of North Sefton and members of Home Watch from Merseyside Police.

Pedal Cycles

There has been an increase in thefts of Pedal cycles that have been left unattended. Cycles that been left in sight of the road in the gardens, pavements or driveways of properties in the area.

Also young people who deliver newspapers have been victims. Cycles have been left on pavements as the owner has been delivering newspapers, only to find when they return to the pavement their cycle has been stolen.

It is understood that the youngsters want to complete their round as quickly as possible but if they could be aware of their surroundings and watch for people who may be loitering in the vicinity or acting in a suspicious manner. It is then advisable to take extra precautions to prevent the cycle being stolen. If possible take the cycle up the driveway of the house where they are delivering papers so as keep the cycle in view at all times.

When going into shops, supermarkets or su