Crime Alert for the residents of Southport from Merseyside Police

7th January 2020
Crime OTS News Southport


Between the 22nd December 2019 and the 5th January 2020 burglaries have taken place in the following locations:

Coudray Road, Blundell Drive, Cemetery Road, Moreland Drive, Knob Hall Lane, Cedar Street, Mill Lane, Hartwood Road, Haig Avenue

Car keys and vehicles stolen 7

Crime Prevention Tip

Once the external doors are locked, it is suggested that residents take the key out of the inside locks of all external doors, particularly if you have a cat or dog flap.

Thefts from Motor Vehicles

Upper Aughton Road, Guildford Road (5), Brooke Close, Stanley Street,

Car registration plates stolen 6

Non returning screws fitted to a vehicle can prevent the registration plates from being removed. 


It has been reported that three more residents in Sefton have received phone calls on their land line, supposedly from the same on- line well known purchasing company that was mentioned in the last message, stating that their Prime Membership was due for renewal.

One person was informed she had signed up for membership when purchasing a named item. When she protested she was told to use her mobile phone and he would guide her through the refund process.

The second was an automated message and the recipient was told to press 1 if he wished to unsubscribe. Obviously in both cases the scammers were after personal and bank details and in the first incident also her mobile phone number.

The third was a 98 year old lady who had never owned a mobile phone or a computer. Scammers can phone random telephone numbers. They use a device that can call multiple phones at the same time, if someone answers, the scammers then try to convince the person they are representing a genuine company or organisation. If there is no reply they either leave a message or the call is terminated.