Crest Teeth Whitening Instructions for Sensitive Teeth – Does It Work?

17th November 2023

Have you ever been tempted to whiten your teeth but hesitated because of teeth sensitivity?  Many of us dream of having a brighter, more confident smile, but sensitive teeth can be a real buzzkill. As your teeth’s inner layer, or dentin, is exposed, it might cause sensitivity. There are several possible causes for this, including dental problems such as cavities.

Are you looking for a sensitive teeth whitening treatment that you may do at home? The best choice and value for money Crest White Strips are available at the UK’s largest and most reliable reseller, The White Smiles.

Choose Crest Teeth Whitening, the top at-home teeth-sensitive product recommended by dentists. With its sensitive 30-minute whitening treatment, you may have a whiter smile in just eighteen days.

Let’s start by defining dental sensitivity and discussing common reasons for it. It seems like the perfect solution for whiter teeth. Whitening strips are very easy to use.

You can speak with your dentist beforehand if you choose to try teeth whitening at home. particularly if you have:

  • One dark tooth or dark stains
  • Dental restorations and sensitive teeth
  • many crowns or fillings

Understanding Teeth Sensitivity

Let’s kick things off by understanding what teeth sensitivity is and what often causes it. For many, sensitive teeth are a real pain, and it’s essential to address this issue before diving into teeth whitening. Teeth sensitivity occurs when the dentin, the inner layer of your teeth, becomes exposed. This can happen due to a variety of reasons such as worn enamel, gum recession, or even dental issues like cavities. It results in that sharp, uncomfortable sensation when you consume something hot, cold, sweet, or acidic.

This sensitivity meant dreading my morning coffee or that scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day. Teeth whitening is right for you depending on the type of oral sensitivity you have.  Before trying a whitening procedure, issues such as tooth decay and cavities are addressed professionally. You can still use a whitening treatment if your tooth sensitivity is caused by worn enamel, but you should be cautious. Only use the treatment as directed, making sure not to leave gel or strips on your teeth for any longer than the directions state.

Crest Whitening Products for Teeth

Crest offers a range of teeth whitening products that cater to various needs and preferences. From whitening strips to toothpaste and complete dental kits, they have something for everyone. Look for mild dental whitening products like Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle Teeth Whitening Kit that offer a more gradual whitening effect if your natural teeth are sensitive to whitening. For teeth that are sensitive to whitening, crest teeth whitening strips are typically used for 30 minutes a day regularly.

Here are the correct ways to use Crest 3D Professional Effects LUXE White Strips. Following are some methods to guarantee that you are making the most of them:

  • Using a dry index finger, wipe your teeth clean.
  • Place each strip gently and firmly onto your teeth.
  • It’s like getting extra credit if you leave them on for ten minutes longer than the 30 minutes.
  • Gently remove them and use a dry index finger to clean your teeth once more.
  • Use a toothbrush and water to brush your teeth if they still feel slimy instead of toothpaste.

Crest Whitening Emulsions are an additional choice; this ground-breaking solution can be applied in a matter of seconds and promises a brighter smile with almost no sensitivity.

Tips for Using Crest Teeth Whitening with Sensitivity

  • If you’re ready to try Crest products for your sensitive teeth, here’s a guide that helps you get the best results. Talk to your dentist: Before starting any treatment, especially if you have sensitive teeth. First, consult with your dentist.
  • Select the appropriate Crest product: Choose the product from Crest that best fits your needs and preferences from its selection.
  • Observe the guidelines: Follow the directions on the packaging carefully to guarantee safe and efficient use.
  • Put sensitive toothpaste to use: For extra comfort, think about using sensitive toothpaste in addition to Crest products.

How Crest Addresses Sensitivity

One thing that sets Crest apart is its dedication to making teeth whitening accessible to individuals with sensitive teeth. They’ve incorporated potassium nitrate into their products, an ingredient that helps to alleviate sensitivity during the whitening process.

Research and Clinical Trials

But what matters are results, right? Numerous clinical trials and studies have examined the effectiveness of Crest teeth whitening products, especially in the context of sensitive teeth. A clinical study conducted in 2019 showed that Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects helped whiten teeth significantly and was well-tolerated, even among people with sensitive teeth.

Real User Experiences

Personal anecdotes can be powerful in making a decision, so let’s hear from people who’ve used Crest whitening for sensitive teeth. Here are some detailed instructions to help you achieve the best results and minimize any potential discomfort if you’re ready to give Crest Whitening for sensitive teeth a try:

  1. Choose the right crest product: Crest offers a variety of products, so pick the one that suits your preferences and needs.
  2. Use sensitivity toothpaste: Consider using sensitivity toothpaste in conjunction with Crest products for added comfort. Crest Pro-Health is one of the most recommended toothpaste which is clinically proven to protect all the areas that dentists check. Many Crest toothpastes contain a Stannous Fluoride Complex and offer a special cleaning experience that you can really feel working.

It’s natural to wonder how Crest stacks up against other teeth-whitening brands when it comes to sensitivity. Crest’s focus on addressing sensitivity sets it apart from many competitors.

  1. Addressing Potential Concerns

While Crest teeth whitening products have received positive feedback from many users, it’s essential to be aware of potential side effects. Some people may experience mild gum irritation or tooth sensitivity, although these issues tend to be rare and are usually temporary.



Crest teeth-whitening products have successfully achieved a balance between improving smiles and making sure users are comfortable throughout the procedure.

Crest may be the answer if you’ve been putting off teeth whitening because of sensitivity. Select the appropriate Crest product for your requirements, and carefully follow the directions. Even with sensitive teeth, you could be able to achieve a brighter, more self-assured smile with Crest.