Karen Potter Craven Minor JFL
Fixtures Week Ending 7th October 2012

Under 9
Another great display from Formby JSC that unfortunately ended in a 2-1 defeat.
The first half performance was one of the best this season but Formby could only scored one goal in this period, when it could have been four or five – a great strike from Dan Griffin following a great Formby move.
Credit to Burscough for their second half performance

Town Green 6-3 Crosby Stuart
S&A Amateurs Red 4-0 Trinity Blue
Hesketh Colts 0-4 Birkdale United
Redgate White 5-2 S&A Amateurs Blue
Formby JSC Black 4-3 Redgate Yellow
Formby JSC White 1-2 Burscough
Southport FC Yellow 6-1 Formby Athletic
Trinity White 4-0 Southport FC Black

Under 10
Formby JSC Black 1-6 Birkdale United
Formby JSC White 6-1 Redgate Green
Redgate Black 3-5 Southport FC Juniors
Colts Blue 5-0 Formby FC Juniors
Trinity Blue 0-2 Town Green
Colts Green 1-4 Trinity White
Ormskirk 3-1 Formby JSC Rangers
S&B Rangers 4-0 Colts Red

Under 11 Trisconi Cup
Southport Trinity 6-3 Formby Athletic
Birkdale Black 5-0 Birkdale R
Birkdale S 3-1 Redgate Rovers
Hesketh Colts 0-9 Formby JSC
Crosby Stuart 0-3 Formby FC Juniors

Under 12 John Disley Cup
Birkdale Black 3-2 Formby JSC White
Southport FC Juniors 9-0 Town Green
Southport Trinity 4-1 Birkdale Hawks
Redgate Black 9-2 Hesketh Colts

Under 13 Tom Galvin Cup
Formby JSC 3-2 Great Crosby

Under 14 Allen Langfeld Cup
Southport Trinity 3-1 Burscough
Jaguars Red 0-9 South Sefton Borough
Kirkby Woodpecker 7-1 Town Green
Redgate Green 0-9 Birkdale United
Redgate Yellow 2-2 Real Waterloo
(Real Waterloo won 4-3 on penalties aet)

Under 15 Tom Owens Cup
Birkdale S 0-1 Maghull Youth
Town Green 1-5 Sefton Rangers
Formby JSC 0-4 AFC Liverpool
Burscough 7-0 Skem Athletic
S&A Amateurs 3-9 Southport Trinity
Hudson Celtic 6-1 Birkdale Black

Under 16 Adam Bell Cup
Prescot Cables 2-0 Formby JSC White
Birkdale United 9-0 Colts Blue
Redgate Yellow 4-0 Skem Athletic
S&A Amateurs 2-0 Burscough Green
Marine 3-0 Hudson Rangers

Under 18 Geoff White Memorial Cup
Great Crosby CPSOB 2-5 Jaguars

 Karen Potter Craven Minor JFL
Fixtures Week Ending 14th October 2012

Under 9
Birkdale United v Town Green
Trinity Blue v Formby JSC Black
Crosby Stuart v S&A Amateurs Red
Formby Athletic v Redgate Yellow
S&A Amateurs Blue v Hesketh Colts
Southport FC Black v Formby JSC White
Redgate White v Trinity White
Burscough v Southport FC Yellow

Under 10
Trinity White v Birkdale United
Formby JSC Rangers v Formby JSC White
Formby FC Juniors v Ormskirk
Colts Red v Colts Green
Town Green v S&B Rasngers
Redgate Black v Colts Blue
Redgate Green v Redgate Yellow
Southport FC Juniors v Trinity Blue

Under 11 Premiership
Birkdale R v Southport FC Juniors
Formby JSC v Town Green
Southport Trinity v Birkdale Black

Under 11 Championship
Redgate Rovers v Hesketh Colts
S&A Amateurs v Birkdale S

Under 12 Premiership
Redgate Yellow v Birkdale Black
Formby JSC White v Redgate Black
Billinge v Southport FC Juniors

Under 12 Championship
Birkdale Hawks v S&A Amateurs
Formby JSC Black v Southport Trinity
Town Green v Hesketh Colts

Under 13
Great Crosby v Birkdale R
Redgate Rovers v Southport Trinity
Formby JSC v Southport FC Juniors

Under 14 Premiership
Southport Trinity v Southport FC Black
Redgate Yellow v South Sefton Borough
Kirkby Woodpecker v Great Crosby
Birkdale United v Burscough

Under 14 Championship
Real Waterloo v Jaguars White
Jaguars Red v Redgate Green
Hesketh Colts v Burscough Green
Southport FC Yellow v Formby JSC

Under 15 Premiership
Burscough v Sefton Rangers
Town Green v AFC Liverpool
Maghull Youth v Birkdale United

Under 15 Championship
Dynamo Rangers v Redgate Rovers
Birkdale Black v Skem Athletic
S&A Amateurs v Hudson Celtic

Under 16 Premiership
Prescot Cables v Ormskirk West End
Formby JSC White v Town Green
Birkdale United v Formby FC Juniors
Crosby Stuart v Crosby Youth

Under 16 Championship
Marina Sands v Redgate Yelloow
Burscough v Colts Red
Marine v Skem Athletic
Formby JSC Black v Maghull Youth

Under 16 League One
Mitch v Burscough Green
Hudson Rangers v S&A Amateurs
Colts Blue v Southport Trinity
Redgate Green v Myers

Under 18
Maghull Youth v Town Green
Great Crosby CPSOB v Formby Dons
Formby JSC v Jaguars

By Mike Taylor

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