COVID-19 Brings Business Tech Solutions To The Spotlight

COVID-19 is bringing business tech solutions to the spotlight. With lockdowns and remote work settings, companies are turning to communication innovations to streamline telecommuting. In addition, customer and client interactions are shifting into the digital sphere as well. According to recent studies, over 50% of all customer transactions in Europe are now digital. Before the pandemic, only about 30% of this share was conducted online. As a business owner, you need to know the latest innovations to adapt to this new digitization. After all, many of these digital resources are expected to prevail even after business returns to the workplace. Read on to discover the most important business tech solutions COVID-19 is bringing to the spotlight.

Cloud Collaboration Suites

First, the pandemic is demonstrating how cloud collaboration suites are critical for companies. These software packages allow employees to work together in real-time using various digital tools. For example, many software packages include cloud-based presentation software. This is imperative for businesses working to acquire new clients and increase their sales, especially when working jobs remotely. Often, you can create private channels for your team. Then, your employees can access and store the critical documents that they need in the cloud. Moreover, they can take notes and store information for internal use only. In this way, cloud collaboration suites are key tech solutions pulling businesses through COVID-19.

DaaS Infrastructure

Next, the coronavirus is also highlighting the importance of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) infrastructure. Importantly, this provides employees with an on-demand virtual desktop experience from a remote host location. Using DaaS infrastructure, employees’ applications and data are stored and accessed on the company’s own private infrastructure. Since no data is stored directly on the machine, this increases data security at a local level. In addition, virtual desktop infrastructure rapidly enables remote work where it has been installed the company’s on-premises. For the rapid deployment and remote capabilities, COVID-19 is accelerating DaaS adoption. Likely, this will continue perpetuate companies’ delivery architecture as they return to the workplace. Of course, DaaS infrastructure is one of the top ways small business are using technology during COVID-19.

Video Conferencing Software

In addition, video conferencing software is also streamlining business communication during the coronavirus lockdowns. With many new virtual conferencing innovations, it’s important to know what features are available. For instance, some of the best video conferencing software for small business includes advanced collaboration features. Depending on your video call provider, this might include file sharing and cloud storage systems similar to a collaboration software suite. This streamlines communication to one single platform, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between software systems. Of course, look for screen sharing and integrated live chat system features in your software as well. Often, these video conferencing tools are essential to streamline remote business communications. This has been integral to business continuity for many businesses worldwide such as for JC Economics Tuition in Singapore.

Scheduling Applications

Moreover, COVID-19 is also bringing scheduling applications to the spotlight. With this software, companies can typically set the time slots their services are available. Then, they can push a link out to their clients, customers, or patients via email or SMS. This way, you can establish a text service for missed appointments. Once received, the client can schedule their own meeting for a time that works for them. Scheduling applications are increasingly crucial for doctor’s offices who were closed during the pandemic. Notably, reception phone lines can stay open for clients who have questions and concerns. Simultaneously, clients can still make appointments to receive services. Likewise, businesses can use these applications to streamline virtual meeting appointments. Surely, scheduling applications are key resources helping companies around the globe adapt to the pandemic.

Contactless Payment Innovations

Furthermore, the pandemic is also highlighting contactless payment innovations. Many of these new technologies are increasing sales and improving safety. For example, many small businesses are utilizing QR codes to access online payment channels. With the QR codes, customers can simply scan the code using their mobile device’s camera. After scanning, a link opens up where they can pay. Similarly, restaurants are using this QR code technology to display their menus. Because customers and clients are highly concerned about physical contact, it’s important to offer online payment methods. Certainly, contactless payment innovations are at the forefront of business sales during COVID-19.

COVID-19 is bringing business tech solutions to the spotlight. First, cloud collaboration suites are streamlining file storage and access. Next, companies are increasingly adopting DaaS infrastructure during the pandemic as well. In addition, video conferencing software offers advanced features and tools to streamline communication. Moreover, scheduling applications are key to set up virtual meetings and appointments. Furthermore, contactless payment innovations are also increasing online sales and improving safety. Integrate these business tech solution that are in the spotlight during COVID-19.

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