Covid app sends ‘ghost’ exposure notice to dozens of Southport users

11th October 2020

Dozens of Southport residents were given a minor panic attack last night after they fell victim to the now infamous NHS Test & Trace app ‘ghost warnings.’

Hundreds of thousands of people across the country have received alerts on their phone which day they have been exposed to someone with the virus.

However when they access the notification, it completely vanishes.

Last night (Sunday) OTS News was inundated with messages from worried residents who received a similar disappearing alert, which ironically leaves no trace that it was ever on your phone.

One resident, Sheila Price, said “I’ve had the app a few weeks and checked into a couple of restaurants so I was naturally really very worried.

“I opened it straight away but it vanished from my phone and the app could tell me nothing. I googled it and it turns out so many other people are having the same problem.”