Councilor call for ban on ‘UGLY’ extensions to Southport’s Victorian properties


Councilor call for ban on ‘UGLY’ extensions to Southport’s Victorian properties

A councillor who campaigns for the preservation of Southport’s Victorian heritage has called for a ban on buildings from the period being blighted by ugly modern extensions.

Cllr David Barton, who represents Dukes Ward, said he had experience of helping constituents to gain permission for improvement work.

But he insisted that schemes that were in keeping with the heritage and architecture of the buildings were rare and Sefton Council planners should be much stricter on what they allow.

He has also recommended the expansion of the Conservation Area designated zones to retain Southport’s picturesque majesty for the benefit of residents of all ages.

Cllr David Barton said: “Having been contacted by various residents across Southport, especially the residential districts, I am advocating that the community and indeed property developers abandon plans to build extensions on old Victorian properties that are not in-keeping with the local surroundings and general aesthetic of the area.

“I have had recent experience of assisting residents who were fighting an application which consisted of a proposed extension that would have encroached the party wall, which is something I cannot support.

“I have not only observed but have met many people who have painstakingly restored their Victorian properties, indeed in some cases from having acquired rundown derelict properties, and have to act fairly.

“So I am requesting those property developers that wish to renovate their properties seek consultation with all those across the surrounding neighbourhood and work together constructively to not only prosper, but deliver on achieving a better local community.

“That is done through respecting the wishes of the local community, including those who appreciate the local heritage that Southport’s various neighbourhoods have to provide.

“I appreciate the need for those seeking to generate revenue such as renovating the interiors for set purposes such as residential, as seen at the Promenade, however every effort should be made to preserve and indeed protect the beauty and majesty of the facades and fascias that have helped attract residents into the housing market over the last two centuries.”

Cllr David Barton said there were examples of property owners who have retain original features such as the Guest Houses at Albert Road, which capture the spirit of the Classic Resort town and helps the local economy through encouraging visitors.

He said: “I am recommending anyone that supports my shared restorative vision to get in touch with their views and contributions so that we can work together to champion and fully restore our hometown in the future.”