Councillor’s Keep Calm COVID Call

23rd May 2020
A Southport Councillor has called for the public to keep calm and carry on carrying out COVID guidelines. The call follows revelations that the Prime Minister’s chief advisor Dominic Cummings (left) has been caught completely flouting the rules by a 530 mile round trip to place his child in the care of vulnerable pensioner parents in Durham.
“The vast majority of British people have been amazingly tolerant despite sometimes massive personal pressures  during the past nine weeks,” says Councillor Dawson. “They have gritted their teeth and maintained social distancing.”
“It is dangerous for anyone to ‘jump the gun’ and start behaving in an unsafe manner simply because of the well-publicised recklessness of those who think they are above the rest of us and immune from obeying the rules. Despite our frustration with these people, we still must do as they say, not as they do.”
Councillor Dawson is presently engaged, together with his colleague, Dr John Pugh, in calling on the small number of highly-vulnerable self-isolated residents in central Southport and west Birkdale who have not maintained contact with the statutory services.
He said:
“I would love to be helping my own daughter through my regular baby-sitting of my own grandchildren who are only 40 miles away, not 260. But we decided to isolate weeks before the official announcement came out for the children’s safety and for my own. And we are keeping to this despite the massive temptations of the lovely weather.”
“I also remember being a parent myself. It is totally ridiculous to suggest that a pair of parents cannot look after a single child at home – yet they can coop themselves up in a car with him while they are apparently well enough to drive for ten hours and to place their child in the care of highly-vulnerable pensioners who should be fully-isolated. Ridiculous.”
“I also have very elderly neighbours and relatives who I do a bit to support. We in Britain  have kept thousands of people alive through our collective and individual discipline in the past nine weeks.”
“I appeal to Southport residents to maintain their discipline. The rules are not the rules of a handful of reckless people in Westminster who have set an appalling example. They are OUR rules which are keeping our vulnerable friends, neighbours and relatives alive.”

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