Councillor ‘perplexed’ at Princes Park traveller invasion

Gypsies/Travellers settle in on Princes Park, Southport. Princes Park

Councillor ‘perplexed’ at Princes Park traveller invasion

A Southport town centre councillor is ‘disgruntled and perplexed’ at the ease with which it appears that  a group of ‘Travellers’ have managed to park their caravans on the town’s Princes Park.
Councillor Tony Dawson has asked senior council officers to explain how the ‘travellers’ brought their fleet of large wagons on to the park – and for assurances that appropriate action will be taken to prevent any recurrence. He says:
“Princes Park is a large open flat green site, obviously highly-desirable to any travellers looking for a summer camp in a premier location in our resort. So, I would expect the Council to recognise how vulnerable the Park is to potential invasion by unauthorised travellers. and take appropriate security measures such as locking gates etc.”
“If the gates have been left open in error, I would trust that the Council makes absolutely sure this never happens again. But, if there is criminal damage involved, as happened when ‘Travellers’ invaded the Blind School site on Oxford Road last year, then I would hope that appropriate action will be taken.”

Around twenty caravans along with sports cars have pitched up on Princes park in Southport. It was reported that the group broke the lock of the gates nearest to Pleasureland last night.

Although faster and more effective enforcement powers have come into force regarding unauthorised Gypsy / traveller’s sites, it still hasn’t stopped a number of travellers setting up camp in Princes Park, Southport.

This was the state of play this morning at 8am this morning (Tuesday 8 August 2017).