The car park entrance to Bar 88 and the residential apartment block formerly belonging to the Carlton Hotel has two entrances and exists – with one requiring motorists to drive onto the pavement on a blind corner to enter.

This has caused great consternation among local residents who say they are contsantly dodging cars which drive up onto the pavement and narrowly miss hitting them.

But now a series of improvements have been made outside including the erection of bollards to stop motorists from being able to drive onto the pavement.

Cllr David Barton, says he first highlighted the issues outside Bar 88 following an audit of the town’s highways and footpaths he completed last year.

He said: “Now, with the help of Sefton Council and the owner of the former Carlton Bar, a series of improvements have been made.

“They include the removal of a redundant electrical post which was causing a tripping hazard for passengers using the nearby bus stop, blocking off a vehicle entranceway which led out onto the main road and the repair of cracked and bumpy pavements

“I first received reports from concerned local residents during my original town audit back in 2015.

“There were various highway-related defects, including the redundant electrical post that was formerly connected to a bus shelter at the south end of Lord Street, and an entranceway which dangerously led out onto the same main road which and which presented a hazard to both pedestrians and passing motorists.

“Sefton Council acted on my concerns and have had the post removed as well as repairing the pavements and improving the general townscape and the general safety and aesthetic appeal of the area.

“I am also grateful to the owner of Bar 88 for his help with the troublesome entrance, which is now blocked off by two bollards.

“Sefton Council have been very assistive and helpful and I would recommend anyone with any local issues relating to the highway or neighbourhood in general to get in touch with me directly so I can help them too.”