The above photo shows Marianne by the cycle path in Shore Road where the pavement is now clear

Councillor gets Shore Road overgrown pavement cleared

Marianne Welsh, a local councillor for Norwood Ward, is very pleased to see that her continual efforts to get Sefton Council to clear the badly overgrown pavement along Shore Road, Ainsdale, has paid off and this long stretch of pavement right down past Pontins to the beach has at last been cleared.

Marianne had noticed for a long time overgrown weeds and shrubs were getting worse and in one section it was so bad that people and children had no other option but to walk in the bike lane.

Marianne says, “I was concerned as it was evident there was a danger to pedestrians and cyclists. There was also so much overgrowth on the pavement facing Pontins that people and children were being forced to walk in the road. I knew this was unacceptable and couldn’t let it continue.”

After many email exchanges with managers from Coast and Countryside and the Highways Department it was agreed the clearing operation would commence.

Marianne added “It was essential work that needed to be done and I was not prepared to let it go.

I was also surprised that none of the Ainsdale councillors had done anything about this as it had appeared to have been like this for years, but as we are councillors for the whole of Sefton I was prepared to take this up and am so pleased to have got a result.”