A new petition could point the way for a section of Southport women to be refunded missing pension entitlements which has been welcomed by Sefton Councillor Pat Keith.

“ It is planned that this petition will be presented to the government with a demand that the Department for Work and Pensions check their records to determine how many women are due payments,” said Councillor Keith, Cambridge Ward representative.

“So it’s very important that women who may have missed pension entitlements from contributions by their late or divorced husbands sign this petition to enable a government response.”

At 10,000 signatures the government must respond to the petition and if it gathers 100,000 signatures the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Councillor Keith added: “The DWP is checking its records to find women whose state pensions have been underpaid, but there are concerns these checks may not cover widows, older married women and the over 80s who may have been underpaid. DWP’s search of its records must be comprehensive.

“Under the old state pension, women could claim a pension based on the contributions of a husband, ex-husband or late husband. DWP has acknowledged that in some cases this did not work and women are being underpaid, and is checking to find these women and compensate them.

“But others may be missing out, including widows, certain older married women and the over 80s. DWP must check their entitlements and provide compensation for any underpayment, rather than wait for them to claim one-by-one.”

The view the petition visit: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/334388