Councillor David Barton – Southport conservation areas in the spotlight

Speaking on the current Consultation process being carried out by Sefton Council for a 6 week period beginning July 2017 and ending September 20 2017, Councillor David Barton- a leading campaigner for the regeneration and restoration of Southport has issued a statement regarding both appraisals.

Southport conservation areas in the spotlight

Having spent much time within the local community listening to and working positively and constructively with many stakeholders already so far Cllr Barton has issued several proposals which if adopted would ensure a prosperous future for the Classic resort town, especially concerning the historic buildings and Verandahs. This follows his own correspondence with both Local and Central Government, the latter of which he hopes to secure the support of concerning his more ambitious projects ahead.

“Whilst this is certainly long overdue, I would like to welcome the Proposals designed to include the entire community in deciding and shaping the future of our beloved Classic Resort Town.

Having begun my own ongoing Town Audit back in 2015 I am delighted to have secured the assistance and support of both Sefton Council via securing the necessary funding for the cleaning and maintenance of prized civic assets in addition to the continuing support of the Private Sector for the restoration of the buildings and acclaimed Verandahs on Lord Street and the surrounding side streets.

At this time I should remind the Council that it is crucial that we retain our existing Conservation parameters and if any change is to be incurred then this should be to extend the surrounding environment such as Wellington Street as an example and other neighbouring residential areas as a priority.

My own research within the local community suggests that wherever possible a more cost effective like-for like replica programme consisting of, for instance, UPC Windows across both the Lord Street and Conservation areas should be explored and indeed supported by the Local Authority as this not only captures the essence of their original splendour, but will also best support local businesses and property owners in maintaining these ornate and elegant structures.

I would also encourage the Local Authority as part of its consultation to further improve air quality by pursuing the completion of the entire tree-lined boulevards wherever feasible, accommodating Taxi Bays, etc and reintroduce more in-keeping materials such as the Buckley clay tiling and Yorkshire flagstone which are not only more durable, but are not prone to tarnishing such as the newer style flagstones laid several years ago.

I myself shall be contacting as many people within the local community for their views and feedback moving forward and would encourage anyone in the meantime to contact me should they wish to share their own thoughts and views.

Following my own extensive dialogue with residents, businesses and contractors in the area so far I would also like to raise the following points which should be taken into consideration.

SMBC should provide as much support as possible for any joint work being carried out by individual businesses or groups of individuals, through providing more regular structural surveys, which would prevent occurrences such as dangerous rooftops accumulating.

Any radical ideas such as repainting of street furniture a different colour, such as the railings, should be undertaken on a partnership basis as opposed to lone groups deciding on behalf of the public.

SMBC should explore the possibility of accessing the architectural archives in the event that any property owners and stakeholders may wish to return any of the lost features such as fascia frontage adornments on rooftops and “lost” Verandahs on an identical basis.

Wherever possible the use of better quality, durable yet cost- effective replica materials on a precisely identical like-for-like basis such as a cheaper yet prominent metal for the angelic statues that used to adorn the central parade of Lord Street shops.

The increased utilisation of the Municipal gardens to help prevent and avoid drunkards and anti-social passers-by intimidating shopkeepers.

More in-keeping vertical rising signage on the top of Verandahs such as Lords Bar, with trademark gold lettering as opposed to the present bannering, which blocks some of the detail of the filigree.

Finally a detailed yet compact schedule of works, followed by a list of several high-ranking local Contractors and specialists in their field should be provided in addition to further general guidance and advice in order to acquire the best possible environment for residents, businesses and residents alike if the retail sector is indeed to be given its best opportunity moving forwards.”

Dukes Ward Councillor David Barton holds his Ward Surgery every third Saturday of the month. The next surgery dates that he shall be available are as follows, the next surgery will take place on:


Saturday 19th August 2017

He will be available from 2pm-3pm at the Atkinson Arts Centre on Lord Street, to assist residents with any local issues or neighbourhood concerns.

Alternatively, the Councillor can be contacted on:-

Tel: David Barton 07968 581611


Dukes Ward covers the Western part of Birkdale and Hillside along with the Town Centre itself.