Councillor candidate criticises Sefton car parking charges

3rd March 2021

Dukes Ward Conservative candidate, Michael Prendergast, has criticised Sefton Council’s decision
to maintain Southport town centre car parking charges at current levels.

“It is very disappointing for businesses operating in Southport town centre to learn that car parking
charges will not be reduced.

“At a time when our local traders need support in incredibly difficult economic conditions, Labour
councillors, based in the south of the borough have decided to continue with their policy of raising
as much revenue as possible from Southport town centre.

“I have long called for a review of parking charges in Southport town centre and it is particularly
unfair bearing in mind that parking charges in other parts of the borough are significantly lower.

“It costs £3.20 to park for 4 hours in the multi-storey carpark next to Bootle Strand, whereas in
Southport it can cost £5 for the same amount of time.

“In the report on parking to Sefton Council, it is clearly recognised that car parking charges have an
economic impact. So why is it acceptable to Labour councillors to charge people more to park in
Southport than it is in Bootle, why is Southport so heavily subsidising Bootle?

“Previous requests for a review of parking charges have been refused by Labour councillors on the
basis that Sefton Council couldn’t afford to lose the revenue. That argument can no longer be valid
as the council have clearly shown, through the installation of cycle lanes on Houghton Street, that
they are willing to sacrifice revenue for certain schemes.

“I think it is about time that businesses in Southport were shown some support and bringing parking
charges in Southport into line with other parts of the borough is the least that can be done.”

A spokesperson for Sefton Council said: “Parking charges in Sefton are among the cheapest in the region and are lower than many other towns and cities.

“Parking fees and restrictions exist for a number of reasons, including ensuring the highway network is kept safe, residents can park close to their homes and to make sure traffic flows as freely as possible.

“Income from charges is reinvested into maintaining and operating the parking network, and any surplus contributes to funding public transport and concessionary travel.

“Southport’s Park and Ride site is not currently running but will hopefully restart in late March, early April. When opened motorists can park all day at this site for £2.”

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