Council Tax hike coming for top bosses pay hike?

Are Sefton’s Council Tax payers in for a bombshell new bill? The ruling Labour group’s insistence on keeping a huge raft of high-paid senior directors was what split asunder the all-party coalition which once ruled the Borough. So there are worries that Sefton may soon be following Manchester Council’s latest move to pump up top managers’ salaries.

Senior staff at Manchester council have been awarded pay rises of up to 60% the cost of which will be taken from precious services.  While other staff in Manchester are seeing a standard 1% increase, council chiefs such as the “Head of Children and Families” will be receiving another £30,358 on top of their £50,442 salary – rising to £80,800 overall. Five staff are getting pay bumps of up of 12.5% to £125,000. In all, the pay rises for the socialist fat cats will cost Manchester’s taxpayers an extra £112,895.

Lib Dem Councillor John Leech, former Lib Dem MP for Manchester Withington, comments:

“These increases are frankly disgusting. The council is now clutching at straws because they’ve been caught dishing out indefensible pay rises. They are now trying to justify these enormous pay rises at a time when other members of staff are getting just 1 per cent, and residents are being told that services have to be cut.”

In Sefton, years of Lib Dem pressure finally achieved a significant slim-down of the top directorate, saving millions. The worry is that if Sefton follows its Labour brothers in Manchester with these pay rises then much of the saving achieved in that process could be lost.


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