Next Of Kin Appeal - Stephen Anderson of Southport

Furious green campaigners have accused council bosses of rank hypocrisy.
Sefton Council have been preaching to us about air quality when a significant amount of the personal vehicle pollution, to which the council refer in their Public Health report, would have already been eliminated had the council implemented its 20mph scheme correctly – and that meant with traffic calming to force drivers to adhere to that 20 mph limit.

It is now over six years since Sefton Council thrust its iniquitous scheme on us yet, unsurprisingly, it has not only comprehensively failed to produce the 20mph speeds that they said had become necessary to keep us safe, it has equally failed to produce speeds that are lower than when the residential roads were 30mph, which is to say speeds typically are 40mph plus.

Consequently, it has also failed to reduce the vehicle pollution which was a key selling point of the council’s scheme.

If Sefton Council were ever serious about pollution from vehicles, or the speed related safety aspects of their scheme, then they would have included traffic calming as an integral aspect.