Just a week ago Sefton Council was out repainting bus stop markings in St Peters Road in Birkdale.  Scarcely had the paint enough time to dry but another set of contractors arrived this Tuesday to resurface the road.

You guessed it … this included covering over the brand new bus stop markings!

Angry residents got in touch with Birkdale Lib Dem councillor Simon Shaw about this incompetence.  Cllr Shaw promptly contacted Sefton Council to voice his concern and to demand to know who was responsible.

“Everybody knows the Council is short of money, so this sort of thing is a complete slap in the face for Council Taxpayers,” said Councillor Shaw.

“It seems that this mix-up was down to the lining contractors jumping the gun and doing the work before they should have done.

“Following my intervention, council officers have agreed with the contractor responsible that they will redo the bus stop markings, at their own expense.”

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