A SOUTHPORT taxi firm is hoping to help elderly and vulnerable people in Southport in the wake of the “uproar” caused by coronavirus.

Central Cabs 544414, will provide a small “shopping service” to their customers, to help them get access to items that may be left scarce, due to panic buying and the emptying of shelves.

“We’ll be covering all areas of Southport, providing a small shopping service to help the elderly and vulnerable receive the necessities they may not be able to go out and get themselves”, a spokesperson from the firm said.

“At the moment, everything’s in uproar. People are panic buying due to coronavirus fears.

“The majority of our customers are elderly people – who’s going to look after them at a time like this?

“They might be stuck at home or struggle to get out and get things, so that’s why we’re offering to help.”

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