Southport & Ormskirk NHS trust are seeing an increase in Coronavirus related deaths according to regional statistics.

It comes as the hospital trust had its latest in a series of regular visits by NHS England who are assisting all hospitals in the regional with infection and control procedures.

The Town Lane based Hospital is behind only Liverpool University and Wrightington Hospitals for the number of covid-19 deaths but the hospital trust is coping as well as it can, bosses have confirmed.

A spokesperson for Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust said their doctors, nurses and all staff are doing all they can to help stem the spread of the virus and help those who need treatment as a result of COVID-19.

Hundreds of OTS readers have praised the hospital in recent days for their tireless and efforts, especially after the hospital opened its doors for a virtual ‘open week’ which allowed people a safe look into how the trust is currently operating.

In a statement issued to OTS News today, a spokesperson for the Hospital Trust said “NHS England and NHS Improvement have been visiting NHS trusts across the North West in support of their infection and prevention control procedures.

“We were pleased to welcome them yesterday and show the work we have been doing to keep patients safe.

“In common with other trusts, we continue to treat significant numbers of patients with a Covid diagnosis.

“In line with national guidance, we carry out regular testing for inpatients and take action on any changes in their Covid status to keep our staff and other patients safe.”