Southport Cannabis lovers seeking to obtain merchandise from Jeremy Corbyn’s son’s ‘National Hemp Service’ will be disappointed. For the Corbyn-run ‘NHS’ has gone bust, owing £100,000. The Islington-based firm, run out of a cafe in Mr Corbyn’s Islington North constituencywhich was set up with Jeremy Corbyn’s help, has gone into liquidation leaving one angry investor in the failed venture’down’ by £30,000.  

Liquidators were appointed on November 11th. The hemp-based products offered by Mr Corbyn were clearly offering a ‘real change’ of perceived reality for ‘the few’, not for ‘the many’.

The collapse has infuriated investor Jeff Ditchfield, who has had £30,000 from his pension fund go up in smoke. 

“My personal view is that it’s been put into liquidation because of mismanagement by the directors,” Mr Ditchfield said.

“Currently, I’m £30,000 out of pocket. And I had to use some of my pension fund to make that investment.”

Tommy Corbyn and his girlfriend Ms Chloe Kerslake-Smith (pictured) stand to lose similar amounts. 

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told reporters last month that he was giving his son Tommy the benefit of his business expertise. 

“I go there quite often to observe the building work and give my opinion,” he said.

“It’s doing really well,” Mr Corbyn is on record as saying. “I’ve advised him to not take anything out of the business for as long as he can handle not to. Small business is very important. Don’t take anything out, put your efforts in.”

Although medical cannabis has been legalised in the UK there have been huge problems experienced by those who wish to aid their condition using the drug. Last year it was revealed that Paul Kenward, the husband of Conservative Home Office Minister Victoria Atkins was operating the largest cannabis farm in the UK, cultivating 23 football pitches of ‘Grass’ under licence from that same Home Office. Without such a licence, growers can face a penalty of up to 14 years in prison. Ms Atkins speedily withdrew from responsibility for cannabis-related matters.